Five ways of preventing mold

Mold growing on walls

Mold is a very recurrent problem in many apartment buildings and home. Being an unwelcome visitor, mold can be hard to get rid of completely which is why prevention is better. There are many dangers of mold which extend to your health. Some people only get mold allergies while to others it affects their respiratory system. To stay healthy and safe from mold, you can prevent it from ever forming through this easy steps:

  • Lower the humidity levels in your house

Humidity is the biggest attractor of mold in your house and to keep away mold; you need to ensure that the humidity levels remain at 50% or lower every day, never higher. To effect this step, an air conditioner can help regulate the humidity levels in the house.

Changes in humidity occur throughout the day as the moisture in the air increases or decreases. You will, therefore, have to check on the levels more than once each day to ensure that they do not exceed the recommended levels.

  • Fix all leaks in the house

A leaking roof, faucet, wall or any other part of your home is a gateway to the formation of mold. Any leaks should be immediately fixed to ensure that no part of your house has moisture all the time since it is the essential ingredient for the growth of mold. Your home plumbing system should always be in great shape.

  • Your home needs adequate ventilation

If there is the inadequacy of ventilation in your house, mold will come knocking. It is important to have ventilations and use them accordingly, open the windows to let in fresh air and also use exhaust fans in bathrooms and the kitchen.

  • Use mold inhibitors

Using mold inhibitors is a common way of ensuring that mold never bothers you. It’s an easy solution that works long term, all you need to do is mix the inhibitors in the paint and then paint your home. The inhibitors block the growth of mold, but it is also important that you keep the walls in good shape to avoid leaks.

  • Use mold killing products to clean your bathroom

If not properly cleaned and dried, bathrooms tend to be the first place that you notice mold growing. Ensure that when cleaning the bathroom, you use products that kill mold to kill off any forming mold and prevent the growth of mold in your house.