Addressing radon gas in your home

Every house in the US has been found to contain trace amounts of radon gas. 1 in every 15 homes has dangerous levels of the gas, and it is important that it is addressed immediately. Radon gas is among the most feared gases due to the health risks it poses to humans. The dangers of radon gas include lung cancer, especially in people who smoke. Studies are also trying to figure out the link between the gas and leukemia.
All the dangers of radon gas can be averted by conducting a home test to find out if the levels are very high. Radon gas is both odorless and colorless which makes it impossible to detect without the proper testing tools. There are test kits that offer short term testing capabilities and take between two and seven days to give results. Long term kits take 90 days to give a full report on the levels of the gas all year long.

Radon Enters the House

Radon gas testing is highly recommended anytime you make some significant adjustments to your homes like installing new doors and windows, changing your heating or cooling systems and anything that could change the pressure and ventilation of your house allowing more gas to enter.

Once you have the test kit, place the container in an area of your home that has less traffic. Once the duration of the test is up, seal the container and take it to a lab. When the results come in, check that your levels do not exceed 4.0 pCi/Li. If they do, it is time to call a contractor to help you contain the gas. The gas can be contained through:

  1. The installation of a suction system in the house. The system will remove the gas that is already in your home and significantly lower the levels to working levels that are safe for people.
  2. If there are any cracks in your foundation, they need to be fixed to block the entrance of radon gas into your home.
  3. Change your ventilation choices. In as much as your home requires adequate ventilation, investing in the right kind to prevent radon gas is important. The pressure in your house should also be balanced.

As always, it is highly recommended that you have your home tested for elevated radon levels. Professional radon testers are required to be licensed by the state, and will be able to capably advise you of how to ensure that you have no issues relating to radon exposure.