Chemical treatments for termites and their safety

A termite infestation is something you want to avoid at all costs. Nonchemical treatments for termites are available, but they could take some time and in some cases not work very efficiently. To deal with termites sternly, you need to use pesticides.

Companies that sell pesticides must have the necessary permits to operate. Some of the chemical treatments for termites are:

  1. Wood treatments like Borates
  2. Termiticides applied to the soil
  3. Using termiticides on building materials
  4. Using termite baits

Termite bait traps

The safety of these chemicals

No chemical has 100% guarantee on safety which is why it is important to take safety precautions when dealing with pesticides. Many of the ingredients used to manufacture the termiticides are harmful to human health. Each pesticide comes with a set of instructions on how to use and what to avoid. These instructions are very crucial.

To prevent coming into contact with toxic termiticides while eradicating termites, it is imperative that you:

  • Read the label carefully

When you follow all the instructions given on the label of the termiticide, you will protect yourself and eliminate all the termites from your home. The labels have details on usage and also all the possible risks from potential exposure to the chemical. Do not use any pesticide unless you understand the instructions given. Call the company to ensure that you have all the details right if something is not clear.

  • Buy brand name pesticides

Even when it is chemicals to spray on the ground or wood, it is important that you get a good brand. Ensure that the brand you buy has permits, licenses and is a recognized brand. Choose a company with adequate experience and a spotless record. All this information is easy to find through customer reviews online.

  • Respect the time you should stay away after spraying

Many people believe that ingesting chemicals is the only way they can cause harm to your body. Inhaling these chemicals is equally dangerous which is why you should stay away from the area you spray until it is clear. The instructions on the termiticide indicate how long you should avoid the area.

Author: Steven Miller

I am a home inspector in Jamestown, Tennessee.

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