Electrical safety tips to implement at home

For any home owner, electrical safety is among the list of things that they should check. It is important that before purchasing a home, you ascertain the safety of the home during the inspection. Ensuring that you regularly test the electrical safety of your home is also very important.

Only a certified electrician should handle electricity issues; it is important that you have an expert do it for you. Power wise, some of the things to inspect are:

  • Electrical wiring

If the wiring in your home is done in haste, then it leaves room for mistakes. When it comes to electricity, even the smallest mistake can cost you and your family dearly. Check that the wiring is properly done and no bare wires are running through your house. Ensure that you have safety fuses.

  • Circuit breakers, fuses and outlets

All fuses in your house should be in great working condition; they should never be loose. They should have high rankings and should a fuse blow, you should immediately turn off the lights at the circuit breaker. Regularly check on the condition of the circuit breaker.

When you have a faulty fuse, do not ever replace it with a coin or in the dark. Your circuit interrupter for all sockets should be outside the house and preferably be ground fault circuit breaker. Inspect the condition of your power outlets often and during wiring, check where your power outlets are located. They should not be too close to your gas supply outlet.

  • Electrical appliances

Many people forget to unplug their devices after they are done using them. Unplugging your appliances does not only save you power bills but also ensures your safety. When disconnecting these devices, always ensure that your hands are not wet. Remember to keep all your power tools away from water.

  • Cords and extension plugs

Naked cords, plugs or extension cords are a huge electrical hazard. Always ensure that your cords do not run near a source of water or heat. You should also know when to replace your wires, at the first sign of wear, get a new extension cord.

If you have any issues with electricity, do not try to fix them yourself. Always call an electrician to take care of your power problems and avoid electrical accidents.

If you suspect you may have issues, and want an unbiased opinion from someone who has nothing to gain from selling you numerous repairs, you should contact a professional home inspector, such asĀ https://www.HomeInspectionDayton.com.

Author: Steven Miller

I am a home inspector in Jamestown, Tennessee.

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